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Loving Food And Digesting It
by: Jon Caldwell

Loving Food And Digesting It

Firstly, Easterner like eating hot food. For example, on the morning, Chinese often eat hot porridge, clay oven rolls, fried bread stick, noodles, soybean milk and other Chinese food. All of these are hot. On the other hand, People in the west usually eat bread, milk, orange and coffee which are cold commonly.

Secondly, An Easterner like drink hot water whenever it is winter or summer. If you go to a Chinese home, they will give you a cup of tea, and the tea always is hot unless you demand for cold water. But in the west, People like drinking cold water or beverage, they even can drink a bottle of cold water in winter, this is inconceivability in an easterner's eyes.

Thirdly, It is different altogether between Easterner and Occidental in dinner. We often see a round table in a Chinese family, then, a whole family can sit together to eat dinner. They like share all dishes with other families, round table is convenient for a family. On the other hand, In a occidental family, a square table is familiar. A family eats in each different dish. Why dose a Chinese family use a round table? Because they think a whole families sharing all food represent reunion and "warm". All of this are traditional. In modern life, Chinese also like square table, because it is popular.

We’ve always been known for our love of food, but for most people, that hearty appetite comes at a price. With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, there’s hardly any time to exercise or get fit. Add to that the fact that Filipino cuisine tends to be high in fat and calories. Yes, it’s great food, but you have to admit it’s not exactly healthy.

But before ditching that adobo or taking out those South Beach cookbooks, here’s some good news: there is such a thing as low-fat Filipino food. In fact, you can make any dish diet-friendly with just a few simple tweaks—without giving up any of the flavor. If all that eating is taking a toll on your waist, start eating healthier with these tips and low-fat Filipino food recipes.

One of the secrets to low-fat cooking is replacing common ingredients with low-fat alternatives. Start with your oil: most people use regular cooking oil, which is made from animal fat and very high in cholesterol. Use vegetable-based oils such as corn, canola, sunflower, or if you can afford it, olive oil. When making salads, replace mayonnaise with mustard or vinaigrette, and use fresh instead of canned ingredients.

A common problem with substitution is that they don’t always work. You can’t expect them to taste the same as the original, but they don’t have to taste bad. It takes some practice and experience to know which ingredients will work together and which ones will not. Feel free to experiment—you’ll learn from your mistakes and get the hang of it in no time.

Fish is a favorite replacement for meat dishes. Try this low-fat recipe in place of steak and meat chops.

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Food & Drink


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